How’s Your Energy Level?

Do you leave work feeling energized and productive, or do you notice a mid-day slump that leaves you feeling tired? If you’re already getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep, but still feel tired throughout the day, try one or more of the tips below to increase your energy levels naturally and effectively.

  1. Get in a workout. If you’re feeling tired, you need a trip to FitClub more than nap. Exercise not only produces endorphins that make you feel more energized immediately, but it also promotes the healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients through your body, leaving you able to handle routine daily tasks with more energy and less fatigue. When you start exercising regularly, you’ll find that common chores that left you tired or out of breath seem easier than before. shutterstock_108047786When your body operates more efficiently, you naturally have more energy to face your day.
  2. If you spend your day sitting at a desk, giving your body even a short mid-day stretch will increase blood flow to your muscles. Increased blood flow to your muscles allows your body to operate more efficiently and expend less energy doing routine daily tasks. Taking a short break to stretch, also provides a mental break, combating boredom during a long day. To find what stretches and postures feel best to your body, consider taking a yoga class at FitClub. Yoga will give your body a good stretch, but will also reduce stress and teach you to control breathing and focus throughout the day.
  3. Clean up your diet. If you’re accustomed to feeling a mid-day energy slump, don’t rush to the vending machines for caffeine or chocolate. Relying on caffeine or junk food to get through the afternoon will leave you with a blood sugar crash that only increases fatigue. Instead, try a healthy, well-balanced diet which is the body’s best defense to fatigue. If your diet is high in processed foods, add fruits and vegetables, a handful of nuts, or whole grains to the foods to your diet for the nutrients your needs to power through the day.
  4. Reduce stress. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, but even during the middle of a workday, there are quick stress busters you can do right at the office. Take a short mental break to meditate, take a walk around the building to clear your mind, or remind yourself of something you’re grateful for during a busy day. Giving your mind even a brief break from the stress of your day can reenergize you.

Drink more water. If you’re even slightly dehydrated, your body may signal that you’re tired. When you start to feel the mid-day slump, reach for a glass of ice water or add your favorite fruit to your water bottle to reenergize and rehydrate. Throughout the day, make sure you’re drinking enough water by keeping track in an app or with a convenient notebook.


What’s Your Excuse?

Maybe you have the best of intentions and really do want to get in shape, but there’s an excuse that you hold on to that keeps you from living a healthy lifestyle. Common excuses to delay a fitness program don’t hold up at FitClub. For every common excuse, FitClub has a response.

  1. I’m too out of shape. At FitClub, every body is able to participate. Whether you want to take a class, use a machine, or run your first 5K, no one is too out of shape to start participating. If this is your excuse, consider joining FitClub’s 5K training team right now to start getting in shape and ready to complete a 5K. All levels of fitness are welcome!
  2. I’m too tired. Exercise actually increases energy levels and releases endorphins gettyimages-171631772-martin-barraud-openerleaving you feeling more alert and energized after a workout. If this is your excuse, commit to trying to exercise even just a few minutes each day and see if you don’t notice a considerable improvement in your energy level. Give yourself permission to start slowly and don’t compel yourself to work to the point of exhaustion. Walk on the treadmill, spend a little time on the elliptical, or take a Zumba class and then reevaluate whether you feel more energized after a great workout.
  3. Exercise is boring. If you find exercise boring, you’re doing the wrong exercise. Check out the FitClub group exercise schedules and try something new. On the cardio machines, you can tune into your favorite TV show while the miles on the treadmill fly by, or find a workout partner that shares the same interests as you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different classes, forms of exercise, or forms of entertainment until you find an exercise routine that feels fun, rather than boring.
  4. I’m too busy. It’s common for people to think they’ll start tomorrow, or Monday, or this summer, but the reality is your health matters now. Your health should be your number one priority, and you can reap significant health benefits with even a short, high-intensity workout. Set your alarm earlier to give yourself time in the mornings, workout on your lunch break, or make a workout a priority after work. FitClub’s convenient locations make it easy to stop in during the day.
  5. I don’t know how. Spend some time walking around one of the FitClub locations and you will most definitely see a piece of equipment you don’t know how to use. If you’re new to fitness, talk to a personal trainer at FitClub to learn how to use a machine, develop a fitness routine that’s right for you, or change up your current routine. You don’t have to be an expert to get started.


Is there an excuse that’s been holding you back from living a healthier lifestyle? Leave your excuse in the comments and see if the FitClub community can bust that excuse for you!

What’s Your Why? 5 Reasons to Train with FitClub for the Springfield Komen Race for the Cure

You already know that FitClub has a free training group available to members and non-members registered for the Springfield Komen Race for the Cure. If you’ve ever thought about running a 5K, this is the opportunity that can kick start your training and get you to the finish line. All you need is proof of IMG_3466registration and to know why you’re running. If you’re struggling with your “why” FitClub has five good reasons to train for and finish your first 5K.

  • If you’re already a member of FitClub you know the value of a fitness-minded community in reaching your fitness goals. Running local charity races can also provide you with a unique community of others that share the same goals and passions. This training group is appropriate for all fitness levels that share one common goal of getting to the finish line on May 19, 2017. A training group can encourage you through the miles.
  • In honor of a loved one. This particular race is a great way to honor a loved one that has survived or been taken by breast cancer. Running the race in honor of someone dear to you can inspire you on days that running feels hard. Your entry fee to the race will also provide the Komen foundation with important funds that will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer and raising awareness.
  • To prove something to yourself. Maybe the person that you need to run this race for is yourself. That’s okay, too. If you’ve ever watched a race from the sidewalk and been inspired or motivated by the groups of runners competing, this is a chance to build up your endurance and join in the fun. Instead of watching this year, make this the year that you prove to yourself that you can finish a 5K. All fitness levels are welcome in FitClub’s training, so this is the time to start building your endurance in time for the race.
  • A healthy family hobby. Races, especially 5K races, are great family-friendly activities. Encourage your friends, your children, or your partner to join you in the training and on race day. You can motivate each other throughout the training plan and celebrate together at the finish line. Training for and completing a race together can be a great experience for the whole family or a way to spend time with friends getting healthy.
  • To have fun. Maybe you’ve never thought of running as fun, but finishing a race and celebrating with others is fun. Running for a great cause or with a great group of people can help you get your health on track and have fun at the same time. The 5K distance is the perfect distance to get started and to discover the fun that running has to offer. Even if some miles feel more difficult than others, there’s nothing more fun than accomplishing a goal and getting in great shape.

What’s your “why” for joining FitClub in the training for the Komen Race for the Cure? When you find your “why” share it with your FitClub community and get ready to train!

5 Ways To Make Every Workout Better

If you’ve been working out at FitClub, you know that there are endless options for machines, weight training, and group exercise classes. No matter what workout you choose, you can make that workout more efficient every time by applying the tricks below.

  1. Build muscle. If you’re favorite exercise is cardio and that’s all you do, you’re beginner_gym_workout_arms_largemissing out on a huge benefit of FitClub. Try adding strength training to your repertoire to build muscle. Strong muscle doesn’t just look good, it also works hard burning calories all day, even when you’re not working out.
  2. Add intervals. Experts agree that adding interval training to your cardio boosts your calorie burn and more effectively burns belly fat than standard cardio done at the same speed. Start with short bursts of sprints or speed work added into your favorite cardio workout for maximum burn and effect.
  3. Mix it up. If you’ve been loyal to a favorite workout routine for awhile, you may not be maximizing your efforts at FitClub. Your muscles need variety to get stronger and your mind may be fatiguing early out of boredom. Commit to trying something new at FitClub one day next week. FitClub makes it easy with a huge variety of group exercise classes. You may just find that you stumbled upon a new favorite class, machine, or workout.
  4. Challenge yourself to be even just a little better than yesterday. Whether it’s a certain speed or time on the treadmill or the number of reps or a certain weight in the weight room, crank it up just one notch and see how you feel. You might find that you can’t complete a whole set with a higher weight or maintain a higher speed on the treadmill, and that’s okay. No one is going to judge you if you need to drop back down to finish your workout. The point is, you tried and now you know what you’re capable of adding to your workout.
  5. Pay attention. If you find your mind wandering during a class or in the weight room, bring your attention back to what you’re doing. An engaged mind is the best resource you have while you’re working out. It’s your mind that tells you whether you can go a little faster or lift a little heavier. Checking in with your form during weight training not only ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout, but also prevents injury and unnecessary strain. It’s nice to feel distracted when you’re doing a tough workout, but take the time to check in with yourself or listen to the instructor to get the most out of your time at FitClub.

Try out the tips above and let FitClub know what works for you!

How Strong Is Your Willpower Muscle?

perspective1204magJust like every other muscle in your body, willpower needs strength to power you through your day. Every temptation you face throughout the day is another opportunity to tone that muscle and power you further down the road to a healthy lifestyle. Give your willpower a good stretch, and get ready for it to do some heavy lifting with the tips below.

  • Have a mantra ready. Every day presents new challenges and temptations. Often by lunch time, many people have forgotten their healthy intentions. When willpower starts to waver, a single word or phrase can bring you back to the healthy mindset you started the day with. When you feel yourself pulled toward the office candy dish or an unhealthy menu item, repeat your word to yourself and remind yourself of your goals. It can be something as simple as, “strong,” “healthy,” or “control,” but any word or phrase that works for you will do the trick.
  • Give yourself a timeout. Stress eating often kills even the healthiest of intentions. Whether it’s a bad day at the office or a stressful evening at home, don’t give into the stress impulses that make you want to dive into a tub of ice cream. Instead of reacting as soon as the craving strikes, force yourself to take a short timeout to consider whether you really want the unhealthy option or if you’re just giving in to stress. If you’re fighting against stress, drink a glass of water, have an apple, or head to FitClub. If you can wait it out and find a healthier way to deal with stress, your willpower muscle will instantly get stronger.
  • Plan ahead. Most restaurants post their menus online, so reviewing the healthy options and making a plan for a dinner out will let your willpower muscle exercise before it’s forced to be strong. If you’re traveling, getting together with friends, or otherwise putting yourself in a position where you know there may be unhealthy snacks, plan to bring your own vegetables or fruit for a healthier option. Taking the time to make a plan will save you from an impulse you might later regret.
  • Get some sleep. For your willpower muscle to be at its best, it needs sleep to recover just like your other muscles. It’s far easier to make healthy decisions when you’re not exhausted from a night of too little sleep. Ensuring that you take time for 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep will give you more energy to make better decisions throughout the day.
  • Drink up. Hunger is often just dehydration in disguise. If you can’t decide whether you’re hungry enough to give into a temptation, drink a glass of water before making your decision. You may find that the hunger passes, or at the very least, you’ll have taken that quick timeout to think it through before you allow yourself to indulge.

How do you strengthen your willpower muscle?

Can You Move Past a Setback?

Whether it’s a difficult workout or a difficult month, everyone has setbacks on their fitness journeys. How you respond to a setback may determine whether you achieve your personal goals.

  1. What went wrong? Did you really fail or is this just a plateau? Odds are if you’re making it to FitClub and staying on your training plan, you haven’t failed. Plateaus can be frustrating and may make you doubt yourself. Instead of throwing in the towel, take a good look at what you’ve been doing and find areas where you might do better. Are you making it to FitClub but snacking your way through work? Maybe you’ve been eating right but you’ve been skimping on sleep. Everything you do (or don’t do) through the course of a day could have an impact on your workout. Instead of giving up, look for just one area of your life that you could do better and try it for a few days. Keep it simple and don’t give into the temptation to give up.
  2. Is this what you want? Maybe you chose a New Year’s Resolution that seemed right on New Year’s Day, but now you’re commitment is starting to waver. Instead of quitting your fitness journey altogether, you may have to admit to yourself that you need a new goal. If you decided this would be the year you ran your first 5K, but now you realize you hate running, don’t quit on fitness, just get a new goal. Not every class, training plan, or goal is right for everyone. The good thing about discovering your goal isn’t necessarily the right fit for you is that you’ve learned something about yourself. Now give yourself an excuse to experiment with FitClub’s group exercise class schedule, hire a r. It can be difficult to look outside ourselves to find the next step in our healthy lifestyle, but personal trainers are trained to spot areas we might have overlooked. Whether it’s personal trainer, or spend a day in the weight room. The goal you do love is waiting for you!
  3. What if you don’t know what went wrong? If you’ve reevaluated your day and can’t find anything to improve upon and you know this is the goal that you AM0A9397want to achieve, it may be time to hire a personal trainelearning a new move in the weight room or pushing yourself harder than you thought you could, talking to a personal trainer may push you past a plateau faster than you can on your own. Working with a personal trainer is also an effective way to mix up your workout routine and give some attention to muscles you don’t utilize enough on a regular basis. If you’re interested in working with a FitClub personal trainer, stop by the front desk at your favorite FitClub location for more information.

Have you ever felt like you’re not reaching your goals? What motivated you to break through the plateau?

Free 5K Training at FitClub

If you’ve ever considered training for and completing a 5K, FitClub wants you to join the Couch to a Cure 5K training program and get ready to run the Komen Springfield Race for a Cure on May 19, 2017! Marathon-running-tying-shoe-after-race-foot-care

Registering for a 5K provides the motivation to get started with a running program specifically designed to gradually build endurance and add distance to your runs. The training program provides the support and encouragement that you need to challenge yourself to complete the 3.1 mile distance and running for a good cause gives you the satisfaction of giving back while doing something healthy for yourself!

Starting Saturday April 8th and continuing every Saturday morning through Saturday, May 13th, FitClub personal trainers will lead participants through a 5K training program designed to get you and your friends and family to the finish line of this charity race in downtown Springfield on May 19, 2017. The program will take place at FitClub South, and when weather permits, at Southern View Park.

Worried about being new to running? Don’t be! All fitness levels will be accommodated in this training program, and FitClub trainers are prepared with a novice program designed for those just getting started. The only thing you need to participate is to know “why” you want to do this race or participate in this training program, according to FitClub’s own Tony Maier. Your own “why” can be because you’re chasing a personal goal, interested in contributing to the fight against cancer, honoring someone affected by cancer, or because you want to join a like-minded community. Tony also expects participants to be willing to have fun and enjoy the training process. Everyone’s strengths and fitness levels are different, and running is a personal sport.

Team Captain, Amanda Gardner, will head up the FitClub team in this year’s Komen Springfield Race for the Cure. If you want to join the FitClub team for this year’s race, register at and select team FitClub.

You don’t have to be a member of FitClub to take advantage of this FitClub training program. This FitClub training program is free for everyone that registers for the Komen Springfield Race for the Cure 5K. Just bring your proof of registration to the first training event on April 8, 2017 and get ready to race for the cure!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tennis shoes, know why you’re running the race, register for the race and get ready to join FitClub in the Couch to Cure!

We wish all Team FitClub participants and coaches the best of luck on May 19, 2017!