Free 5K Training at FitClub

If you’ve ever considered training for and completing a 5K, FitClub wants you to join the Couch to a Cure 5K training program and get ready to run the Komen Springfield Race for a Cure on May 19, 2017! Marathon-running-tying-shoe-after-race-foot-care

Registering for a 5K provides the motivation to get started with a running program specifically designed to gradually build endurance and add distance to your runs. The training program provides the support and encouragement that you need to challenge yourself to complete the 3.1 mile distance and running for a good cause gives you the satisfaction of giving back while doing something healthy for yourself!

Starting Saturday April 8th and continuing every Saturday morning through Saturday, May 13th, FitClub personal trainers will lead participants through a 5K training program designed to get you and your friends and family to the finish line of this charity race in downtown Springfield on May 19, 2017. The program will take place at FitClub South, and when weather permits, at Southern View Park.

Worried about being new to running? Don’t be! All fitness levels will be accommodated in this training program, and FitClub trainers are prepared with a novice program designed for those just getting started. The only thing you need to participate is to know “why” you want to do this race or participate in this training program, according to FitClub’s own Tony Maier. Your own “why” can be because you’re chasing a personal goal, interested in contributing to the fight against cancer, honoring someone affected by cancer, or because you want to join a like-minded community. Tony also expects participants to be willing to have fun and enjoy the training process. Everyone’s strengths and fitness levels are different, and running is a personal sport.

Team Captain, Amanda Gardner, will head up the FitClub team in this year’s Komen Springfield Race for the Cure. If you want to join the FitClub team for this year’s race, register at and select team FitClub.

You don’t have to be a member of FitClub to take advantage of this FitClub training program. This FitClub training program is free for everyone that registers for the Komen Springfield Race for the Cure 5K. Just bring your proof of registration to the first training event on April 8, 2017 and get ready to race for the cure!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tennis shoes, know why you’re running the race, register for the race and get ready to join FitClub in the Couch to Cure!

We wish all Team FitClub participants and coaches the best of luck on May 19, 2017!


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