5 Ways To Make Every Workout Better

If you’ve been working out at FitClub, you know that there are endless options for machines, weight training, and group exercise classes. No matter what workout you choose, you can make that workout more efficient every time by applying the tricks below.

  1. Build muscle. If you’re favorite exercise is cardio and that’s all you do, you’re beginner_gym_workout_arms_largemissing out on a huge benefit of FitClub. Try adding strength training to your repertoire to build muscle. Strong muscle doesn’t just look good, it also works hard burning calories all day, even when you’re not working out.
  2. Add intervals. Experts agree that adding interval training to your cardio boosts your calorie burn and more effectively burns belly fat than standard cardio done at the same speed. Start with short bursts of sprints or speed work added into your favorite cardio workout for maximum burn and effect.
  3. Mix it up. If you’ve been loyal to a favorite workout routine for awhile, you may not be maximizing your efforts at FitClub. Your muscles need variety to get stronger and your mind may be fatiguing early out of boredom. Commit to trying something new at FitClub one day next week. FitClub makes it easy with a huge variety of group exercise classes. You may just find that you stumbled upon a new favorite class, machine, or workout.
  4. Challenge yourself to be even just a little better than yesterday. Whether it’s a certain speed or time on the treadmill or the number of reps or a certain weight in the weight room, crank it up just one notch and see how you feel. You might find that you can’t complete a whole set with a higher weight or maintain a higher speed on the treadmill, and that’s okay. No one is going to judge you if you need to drop back down to finish your workout. The point is, you tried and now you know what you’re capable of adding to your workout.
  5. Pay attention. If you find your mind wandering during a class or in the weight room, bring your attention back to what you’re doing. An engaged mind is the best resource you have while you’re working out. It’s your mind that tells you whether you can go a little faster or lift a little heavier. Checking in with your form during weight training not only ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout, but also prevents injury and unnecessary strain. It’s nice to feel distracted when you’re doing a tough workout, but take the time to check in with yourself or listen to the instructor to get the most out of your time at FitClub.

Try out the tips above and let FitClub know what works for you!


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