What’s Your Why? 5 Reasons to Train with FitClub for the Springfield Komen Race for the Cure

You already know that FitClub has a free training group available to members and non-members registered for the Springfield Komen Race for the Cure. If you’ve ever thought about running a 5K, this is the opportunity that can kick start your training and get you to the finish line. All you need is proof of IMG_3466registration and to know why you’re running. If you’re struggling with your “why” FitClub has five good reasons to train for and finish your first 5K.

  • If you’re already a member of FitClub you know the value of a fitness-minded community in reaching your fitness goals. Running local charity races can also provide you with a unique community of others that share the same goals and passions. This training group is appropriate for all fitness levels that share one common goal of getting to the finish line on May 19, 2017. A training group can encourage you through the miles.
  • In honor of a loved one. This particular race is a great way to honor a loved one that has survived or been taken by breast cancer. Running the race in honor of someone dear to you can inspire you on days that running feels hard. Your entry fee to the race will also provide the Komen foundation with important funds that will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer and raising awareness.
  • To prove something to yourself. Maybe the person that you need to run this race for is yourself. That’s okay, too. If you’ve ever watched a race from the sidewalk and been inspired or motivated by the groups of runners competing, this is a chance to build up your endurance and join in the fun. Instead of watching this year, make this the year that you prove to yourself that you can finish a 5K. All fitness levels are welcome in FitClub’s training, so this is the time to start building your endurance in time for the race.
  • A healthy family hobby. Races, especially 5K races, are great family-friendly activities. Encourage your friends, your children, or your partner to join you in the training and on race day. You can motivate each other throughout the training plan and celebrate together at the finish line. Training for and completing a race together can be a great experience for the whole family or a way to spend time with friends getting healthy.
  • To have fun. Maybe you’ve never thought of running as fun, but finishing a race and celebrating with others is fun. Running for a great cause or with a great group of people can help you get your health on track and have fun at the same time. The 5K distance is the perfect distance to get started and to discover the fun that running has to offer. Even if some miles feel more difficult than others, there’s nothing more fun than accomplishing a goal and getting in great shape.

What’s your “why” for joining FitClub in the training for the Komen Race for the Cure? When you find your “why” share it with your FitClub community and get ready to train!


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