Connie Locher-Bussard Gains Big at FitClub

Most people join FitClub to lose weight or inches, but Connie Locher-Bussard is a big gainer at FitClub after joining in July 2015 and working with personal trainer, Tina Maier, since the summer of 2016. Connie is a breast cancer survivor and has gained bone density since working with Tina.

Connie Bussard
Connie Locher-Bussard

People naturally lose bone density as they age, but a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 and the resulting on going medications could cause Connie to lose bone density more rapidly than others. The measure of bone density is really the measurement of minerals (i.e. calcium) in your bones. Doctors measure bone density to determine the strength of bones, the likelihood of breaking a bone, and to diagnose diseases like osteoporosis. The higher the density of the bones’ mineral content, the stronger the bones are and the less likely the bones are to break.

Facing the prospect of decreased bone density and left feeling fatigued by cancer medications, Connie knew that she had to take steps to improve her overall health. Connie, a registered dietician, and her husband joined FitClub in July 2015, when, as Connie says, “everything was going well in their lives.” Since then, life has presented Connie with challenges, but she has consistently made exercise a priority in her life.

In order to reverse the loss of bone density, Connie added weight and resistance training to her workouts. The added weight-training has led Connie to increase her bone density by 7.5%. Connie is not done yet. She plans to resume her regular walks soon and plans to continue strength training at FitClub each week.

During the summer of 2016, Connie began working with FitClub personal trainer, Tina Maier. Connie calls their relationship a “match made in heaven” and tells FitClub that she has completely given herself over to Tina to make her stronger. Each week, Tina pushes Connie through two thirty minute workouts that consist primarily of weight and resistance training. While each workout is different, there are certainly things Connie enjoys more than others. The weighted machines, for example, are Connie’s favorite, while she does not enjoy the “dreaded planks”. Connie’s positive attitude and determination let her push through even the exercises that she doesn’t enjoy.

Connie’s mother passed away very young, but Connie learned vital lessons about longevity from her father’s sisters. Connie has taken their words to heart and her only fitness goal is to be strong enough and able-bodied enough to enjoy her nineties and provide for herself, perhaps even living as long as her aunt, to the age of 109 years.

Three of Connie’s friends have recently been so inspired by Connie’s success that they have also joined FitClub! FitClub, too, is proud of Connie, continually inspired by her story and her determination and looks forward to celebrating Connie’s continued accomplishments!


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