Motivate Yourself to Power Through the Moves You Dread

If your workout regimen only consists of moves and activities that you love, you may be motivated to go to the gym, but also missing out on key components of fitness. Whether you love cardio and hate strength training, or love strength training and hate flexibility, a balanced training program includes cardio, strength training, and flexibility. It’s not impossible to motivate yourself to fit in your least favorite activity.the-no-fail-way-motivate-go-gym-499236976-jacoblund-1024x683

  1. Do it first. If cardio is your least favorite activity, do it first! It may sound counter-intuitive, but doing your least favorite activity first at FitClub ensures that you won’t be tempted to skip it at the end of a workout. Leaving the activities you do enjoy for later in your workout, also gives you something to look forward to towards the middle or end of your workout.
  2. Take a class. Maybe you don’t like strength training, because you don’t know how to use the free weights or get bored without the television to provide a distraction. Taking a class or hiring a personal trainer might lead you to moves in the weight room you do enjoy or provide you with conversation and instruction that will keep your mind from focusing on the clock and get your focus back on your workout.
  3. Make it a challenge. Keeping a log of how hard you worked, the weight you were able to lift, or the number of miles you ran on the treadmill can provide motivation you need for your next workout. Striving to do even just slightly better your next workout, gives you an incentive to keep going back to the workout you dread and takes the focus off the scale and on to day-to-day achievements you can celebrate more quickly.
  4. Recruit your friends. If you’re leery of adding yoga or Pilates to your balanced workout program, you don’t have to struggle alone. Recruit your friends to join you for a yoga or Pilates class at FitClub and learn the moves together. If it’s fear of learning something new that’s keeping you from class, adding your friends to the mix will allow you to stick together while you all benefit from learning a new move or a new routine.
  5. Set an intention. Instead of looking at your workout as a chore on your to do list, try setting an intention before every workout and staying focused on that intention. Whether your intention is to try something new, lift a heavier weight, or run more and walk less, locking in on that intention reaffirms your motivation to become the healthiest, fittest version of yourself.

Making a commitment to incorporate cardio, strength training and balance is important to maintaining a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle! Keep your motivation high with the tips above and be sure to let FitClub know what works for you.

Is there something you dread in your workout repertoire? How do you make yourself do it? Share your tips in the comments!


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