What’s Your Summer Fitness Resolution?

benefits-of-morning-exerciseWhy save your fitness resolutions for New Year’s Eve when summer provides abundant opportunities to start living a healthier lifestyle right now? If your New Year’s Resolutions are feeling stale or have already been forgotten, summer is the perfect time to start over and make positive changes to your lifestyle.

  1. Learn to swim. Signing yourself or the kids up for FitClub’s swim lessons is the perfect summer activity. Resolving to learn how to swim can be the beginning of a lifelong aquatic exercise routine that will keep you and your family healthy all year round in FitClub’s indoor swimming pools, and keep the kids safe at the neighborhood pool this summer!
  2. Become a morning exerciser. If you struggle to fit in a workout late in the day, summer is a good time to start setting your alarm clock earlier and taking advantage of the early morning classes at FitClub. Accomplishing your workout before you head off to work leaves you with plenty of daylight after work to enjoy the summer evening with family or friends. Morning is also a great time to experiment with FitClub’s variety of group exercise classes. Trying a new class or a new workout may help you reinvigorate that New Year’s resolution!
  3. Eat fresh. Whether you’re growing your own vegetables or planning to make it to the local farmers’ markets, summer produce is fresh and healthy. Summer is a great time to get creative on the grill or in the kitchen with summer’s fresh fruits and vegetables. When you’re invited to a friend’s backyard barbeque, resolve to be the healthy friend that brings a fresh fruit salad or a mix of your favorite fresh vegetables.
  4. Enjoy summer vacations. If you’re planning a summer vacation with friends or family, make sure you’re fit enough to enjoy all the action. Start a fitness routine at FitClub now, and you’ll have the endurance you need to enjoy a vacation hike or a day playing in the sand. No matter what your vacation plans are this summer, starting a healthy fitness routine at FitClub can give you the endurance and confidence you need to enjoy every moment.
  5. Have more energy. Exercise has been proven to make you both happier and more energized. Longer days and more activities make summer a busy time for everyone. Make sure you have enough energy to enjoy all of the summer activities by prioritizing your health and giving yourself that extra burst of energy that comes from a great workout!

Healthy summer resolutions can make this your best summer yet! Don’t wait another six months to commit to your health and fitness, when summer offers so many healthy options and reasons to get in shape.

What summer fitness resolutions are you making this year?


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