What Happens When You Reach Your Goal Weight?

If you started a fitness routine and a healthy lifestyle trying to achieve your goal weight, seeing that number on the scale for the first time may come with its own unique set of challenges. The first time you see that goal number on the scale, you absolutely must ask yourself what you intend to do next.istock_000014588003xsmall

Maintaining a healthy weight may be even harder than reaching your goal weight. The decisions you make in the days and weeks that follow will determine whether you can maintain your goal weight or if you begin to fall back to the patterns that led you to weigh more than you wished.

  1. To lower your goal weight or maintain? When you reach your goal weight, take a moment to celebrate your achievement. Achieving a goal should always be celebrated, but don’t stay in celebration mode for too long. You’ve been putting in the work and consistently making healthy choices and you don’t want to risk falling back. Now is the time to decide whether you should try to lose more weight or maintain the weight you’ve achieved. Talking to your doctor to determine whether your current weight is healthy is a good start. If you’re doctor says you’re at a healthy weight and you’re feeling confident, energetic, changing your focus to maintaining your weight and building muscle can be your new focus.
  2. What other reasons do you have for eating healthy and exercising regularly? Exercising and eating healthy only to lose weight can be challenging, especially when you hit that goal weight. If your weight was the only reason you started living a healthier lifestyle, you may find your motivation waning and considering slipping back into skipping workouts and ordering takeout. Make a list of all of the other benefits you’ve seen since you began exercising. Do you have more energy than before? Are you sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and experiencing less stress? Focusing on a variety of reasons that you want to live a healthier lifestyle can create a new motivator to keep you consistent.
  3. Is it time for a new goal? Now that you’re living at your healthy weight, consider adding a new goal and working to achieve that goal. FitClub has a variety of classes and personal trainers that can get you started on any fitness goal you may set for yourself. Maybe you want to consider running a 5K, learn to lift weights, or learn yoga. Be specific about your goal, measure your progress, and take advantage of the experts at FitClub if you’re struggling to commit to a new goal. A new goal can keep you interested and motivated to stay on track to live your healthiest life.

If you’ve recently stepped on the scale to discover you’ve reached your goal weight, take a moment to congratulate yourself and then get started on a new goal! FitClub celebrates all achievements, and you should do the same!


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