Train Like Ironman Competitor Michael Dwyer at FitClub!

​Last week, FitClub caught up with Ironman challenger, Michael Dwyer, for the inside information on his history with the sport of triathlons and what keeps him motivated to move forward. This week, FitClub is sharing the story of his training and mapping out how we can all benefit from his training strategies.Steelhead, MI Aug 2016-on the bike

​To stay in top, competitive shape, Michael needs to train each week for 13.5 hours to 17 hours and incorporate three to four sessions of swimming, biking and running workouts; two weight lifting sessions and four to six stretching sessions each week. Michael has relied on FitClub to get into top shape and stay in top shape during his training by popping into the FitClub South pool, fitting in a run on the treadmills, and hitting the weight room and sauna, often on his lunch break during busy days.

​The one thing Michael wishes he knew when he started training is that a consistently healthy lifestyle requires attention to the physical training, of course, but also to his nutrition, sleep, and stretching routines. By being consistent, tracking workouts, and committing to fitting in each and every workout he needs, Michael’s been able to achieve great success.

​Whether you’re interested in training to tackle triathlons, or you just want to be in better shape than you were yesterday, you can challenge yourself to train like an Ironman at FitClub all year round!

Start in the pool. Triathlons vary in distances, but all start in the water. To create your perfect triathlon challenge, incorporate swimming into your weekly workout regimen. If you’re new to swimming sign up for adult swim lessons at FitClub to get more comfortable in the water. If the idea of swimming laps doesn’t peak interest you, check out FitClub’s group aquatics classes for a full body workout. Get creative in planning your own unique triathlon challenge at FitClub and mix it up.
Cycling. Stationary bikes equipped with flat screen televisions may provide the workout you’re looking for (and out of the summer heat!), but if you find it hard to push yourself alone on the bike, a CycleFit class can make you feel like an Ironman and give you the push you need for a great workout! You’ll find that a CycleFit class allows you to draw motivation from other members and the beat of the music while following the instructors’ challenges to increase speed or resistance.
Running. Walk, run, or sprint your way through whatever distance and pace feels challenging to you on FitClub’s treadmills while you map out your next challenge. The treadmill has a bad reputation for being boring, but with the options available on today’s treadmills, you can mix up the incline, change the pace, and push yourself in a variety of different workouts all on the same machine.
​While FitClub celebrates Michael’s accomplishments and wishes him luck with the upcoming championships, we can also join him by creating our own, unique triathlons at FitClub! Mixing up the cardio workouts is a great way to stay consistent without burning out or growing bored.

​Have you ever tried to complete a triathlon of your own pace and distance at FitClub? Maybe it’s never crossed your mind, but competing against yourself this summer may be just what you need to get started on a healthier lifestyle.


One thought on “Train Like Ironman Competitor Michael Dwyer at FitClub!

  1. I would also like to add that this year I’ve been guided even more on my journey by Mark Allen the 6 time winner of the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. Last winter my wife convinced me to apply to be on his Elite Team. Luckily, my application was accepted. So this year, I’ve been getting trained by him in addition to getting a lot of advice regarding training, equipment, etc. The wonderful thing about triathlons is that there is always more to learn and new skills to hone!!

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