How to Make FitClub Feel Like a Vacation Destination in the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is already flying by and Labor Day is quickly approaching. Whether your summer vacation is already over or you’re skipping it altogether this year, FitClub members can enjoy the dog days of summer by making FitClub feel like a vacation destination of its own.04718f495f2cd0bbf3824686073a3e2c

  1. Try something new. One of the reasons people generally enjoy summer vacation is the opportunity to try something new that they don’t experience at home. FitClub makes it easy to mix up your fitness routine with new and exciting group classes you may not have tried and new machines recently delivered to FitClub West. Use your imagination and learn a new skill while you make a first-time Zumba class feel like a Latin dance party or unwind in an early morning Yoga class to give your body and mind a shot of vacation relaxation before starting your day.
  2. Experience new flavors. If your favorite thing about vacation is the opportunity to try new foods without doing all of the work in the kitchen, FitClub South has you covered with Just Right Eating. Just Right Eating delivers the meals to your door, taking the guesswork and prep out of healthy, delicious meals. After a long, sweaty workout, grab a smoothie from the Smoothie Bar to take a little taste of vacation with you when you leave to resume your day.
  3. Get a massage or relax in the sauna. Nothing feels more like vacation than a luxurious massage or spending a few quiet moments sweating out the day in the sauna. FitClub members don’t have to wait for vacation to steal a few vacation-like moments. After a class or workout, step into the sauna and steal a few quiet, meditative moments or schedule a massage at FitClub West to make it feel like your own personal resort.
  4. Go for a swim. The dog days of summer are perfect for jumping into swimsuits and enjoying the water with the whole family. FitClub’s family pool hours make it easy to make FitClub feel like a hotel without having to pack your vacation bags and schedule reservations.
  5. Be selfish with your time. Vacation is all about making time for yourself, and FitClub gives you that time out of your day to focus on your own goals and progress. Convenient childcare, varied class schedules, and late night hours let you sneak away from work and family commitments to spend the time you need alone or with a group to unwind and focus on your goals. Even if only for an hour, you can escape the day to day responsibilities and grab that “me time” you enjoy while on vacation.

What makes you feel like you’re on vacation? Can you steal those moments at FitClub during the dog days of summer? Get creative and share your ideas and plans with other members in the comment section.


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