How to Cope When You’re the Healthy One in Your Group

Are you the only member of your family, office, or social circle that’s committed to living a healthier lifestyle? Feeling alone in working toward a healthier lifestyle can be challenging. You don’t want to miss out on pizza night or happy hour, but you have goals and have made a commitment to living your best life. FitClub has tips to keep you healthy and social all year long.

  • Offer suggestions. If your office is planning a lunch outing to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or just to celebrate Friday, plan ahead and be prepared to offer suggestions. If the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet will be too much of a temptation for you, check around and find a restaurant with healthier options. Most restaurants make it easy to peruse the menu and calorie counts ahead of time. Instead of just declining the invitation, be prepared to offer healthier, but still delicious alternatives.
  • Be encouraging, not condescending. The people in your life probably already know that they should be eating better and exercising more. It’s no longer a secret that healthier foods and an active lifestyle lead to better health and more energy. Not everyone is as prepared as you, though, to make that commitment. If your friends insist on hitting happy hour on a regular basis, be in control of your own foods and drinks, without offending your group. You will likely find that it’s easier for people to give you a hard time about being strict with yourself than it is for them to admit that they should be, too.
  • Invite, encourage, and plan. Tired of having to turn down popcorn at the movies on girls night out? Next time, take the initiative to plan a girls’ night and invite your social circle to join you at Zumba or to check out FitClub. You can stay active, have fun, and still be social with your group. After a dance party style Zumba class, your friends may agree that it’s your new standard girls’ night out.
  • Prioritize your schedule. With the holidays around the corner, busier family schedules are inevitable. Instead of letting a busy week of work and a lot of family or social obligations become an excuse for missing your workouts, make your health the number one priority. You can’t skip a work obligation or a family dinner, but you can get up an hour earlier to make it to FitClub before your day even starts. FitClub’s variety of early morning group classes and club hours make it easy to start your day by prioritizing yourself.
  • Plan ahead. Do you have a work trip that you know will disrupt your consistent routine? Take your workout gear and fit in an early morning workout at the hotel or on a safe, well-traveled running route. FitClub has given you the basis for a healthy lifestyle and the ability to prioritize your fitness no matter where you find yourself. Don’t let a week in a hotel be an excuse to stop chasing your goals.

Are you the healthy one in your group? What tricks do you use to prioritize your health despite temptations? If you find that you’re not the healthy one in your group, use these tips to become the healthy one!


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