Why Start Now?

New Year’s Resolutions are less than two months away, and you might be tempted to delay your healthy goals until after the holidays and start fresh on January 1. Why start now when there’s holiday planning and heavy holiday meals ahead? What can you actually accomplish in just two months, anyway? A lot!5a9352fa-8a42-11e7-b7bc-fa1568cb40f1

  1. You can lose weight even during the holiday season. On average, people gain one pound each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Setting healthy, realistic goals based on your body type and caloric needs, you could easily expect to avoid that one pound, and lose several more if you started a healthy lifestyle now. The problem with gaining “just one pound” during the holiday season is that sedentary people don’t lose that same pound after the holidays are over. Starting now will not only let you avoid that one holiday pound, but put you several steps ahead of holiday weight gain.
  2. By starting now, you can join your family and friends for a holiday 5K. A 5K race is 3.1 miles. While that might sound insurmountable now, if you start now and begin slowly building your endurance at FitClub in a healthy and responsible way, you could be among the many that enjoy holiday 5K races for charity in the community. Unsure where to start? Stop by the front desk at FitClub and speak to a personal trainer. Discuss your goals and be honest about your current level of fitness, and find out if you could spend your holidays in the best shape of your life.
  3. Healthy living can help you combat holiday stress. In just weeks, family and friends will fill our houses and lives for extended stays. Children will be full of sugar and anticipation of holiday parties and gifts. Expenses will pile up, and soon, adults might begin losing their holiday spirit before it even begins. Escaping to FitClub for an hour of time that you can devote solely to yourself is the perfect weapon to defeat holiday stress before it even begins. Mayo Clinic recommends “virtually any form of exercise” to improve your stress management skills. No matter how busy your social calendar is during the holiday season, prioritizing your health is the greatest gift of all. Take the opportunity to check out a new group exercise class you haven’t tried, or spend an hour burning calories and releasing endorphins to keep you both fit and sane this holiday season.
  4. Meditate on the beauty of the holiday season. Finding quiet time to reflect and enjoy the holiday season is nearly impossible. If you find yourself losing your patience in store lines, worrying about accomplishing your to do list, and trying to keep your holiday spirit in check, this is the right time to check out FitClub’s meditation class. Even a brief dose of regular meditation has been proven to reduce stress, improve relationships, and reduce anxiety. The holiday season always seems to rush past, but staying mindful and grateful will allow you the chance to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Don’t wait for two months to start your new, healthy resolutions. How do you stay fit, healthy, and sane during the holidays?


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