How Do You Avoid Unhealthy Temptations?

The Halloween candy may still be lying around your home or office, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With so many unhealthy temptations lingering about, how can you possibly avoid temptation and keep your healthy lifestyle intact? It’s not impossible! Before you give in and indulge, try FitClub’s tips for avoiding temptation and staying fit.

  1. Eat enough calories to starve out temptation. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re trying to avoid unhealthy temptations to lose weight or stay fit, you really do need to make sure that you’re eating enough of the right calories. If you’re calorie goals are too restrictive, your body and brain will actually be working against you when you come in to contact with unhealthy snacks. Give your body what it needs regularly throughout the day so that when you pass a tray of donuts in the office, you are full, satisfied, and capable of walking away.SF2U6N3NYBDXVBN3WRCBAJCBSM
  2. Think it through. Many of us have a tendency to immediately give in to a craving or temptation without giving ourselves enough time to let it pass. When you feel yourself craving the leftover Halloween candy, wait it out. Instead of immediately giving in, pause, drink a glass of water, or distract yourself with a task around the house or at work. If you find yourself engaged in a short task or project, you may find that you forget about the temptation lurking nearby.
  3. Keep healthy options nearby. If your friends or coworkers often snack on sugary treats, don’t let yourself feel left out. Keeping fresh fruit or vegetables handy will allow you to feel like you’re joining in, while keeping your healthy goals in mind. If you find that you turn to the vending machine every time you get hungry, ward off temptation by stockpiling healthy alternatives.
  4. Plan ahead. Holiday parties will be full of calorie bombs soon. Plan ahead to give yourself the best chance to avoiding holiday weight gain. Eat a small meal before you go or buddy up with a healthy friend before heading out to make sure your self-discipline muscle is ready for the temptations ahead. Even just reminding yourself of your commitment to a healthy life will help you walk past the desert tray.
  5. Remember your “why”. Why did you start exercising and eating healthy? Whether you were trying to set a good example for your children or worried about the medical dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle, focusing on “why” you’re committed to a healthy life is far more rewarding than giving in to temptation. Remind yourself that saying no to unhealthy temptations isn’t a punishment, but a sign of progress. Just like the other muscles in your body that have become stronger since you started at FitClub, your self-discipline muscle has grown stronger, too.
  6.  When it seems like everyone else is indulging this holiday season, running into FitClub for a group exercise class or a workout will instantly allow you to surround yourself with likeminded individuals that are all avoiding the same temptations as you. When your motivation is low and temptation is high, seeing other FitClub members all working toward their goals is a great reminder that you are not alone and we are all chasing progress together.

How do you avoid temptation? Do you have a secret weapon? Share it in the comments!


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