Use FitClub to Stay Healthy this Winter

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re not careful, though, it can also be the most common time of year for colds and the flu. More time spent inside with family and friends provides the perfect opportunity for sharing of germs and bacteria. Before you cancel your holiday plans, just make sure you schedule time at FitClub during the busy holiday month. It’s not just your muscles that get stronger at FitClub, but your immune system, too.

FitClub is keeping its members healthier all winter long!
  • Regular, moderate physical exercise improves the immune system and reduces your chances of catching a cold or the flu. Consistently making time for a healthy amount of exercise provides a boost in the cells in your body that are responsible for attacking the bacteria that make you sick. With every workout you fit in during the holidays, you are giving yourself the gift of a stronger, healthier immune system.
  • Yoga also strengthens your immune system indistinct, but eqo-YOGA-BLOOD-PRESSURE-570ually important ways. First, yoga benefits each of the body’s systems responsible for the immune system (circulatory, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems). Through deep breathing exercise and proper posture, yoga also strengthens the respiratory system and improves your body’s ability to clear your lungs and prevent infection. Beyond just the strengthening of your body’s critical systems, yoga also allows our bodies to combat stress. Stress doubles the chances of getting a cold when exposed to a cold virus. Yoga lowers stress hormones, calms the nervous system, thereby decreasing inflammation and decreasing symptoms.
  • Massage can strengthen your immune system and is also available at FitClub. Regular massage increases the number of cells that help the immune system protect the body and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, which increases your risks of getting sick. Consistent massage also improves circulation of blood and promotes healthy movement of the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body and deliver oxygen to the muscles.
  • Meditation promotes immune system health. Research suggests that people that meditate may have healthier immune systems than those that don’t. Meditation allows people to better control their emotions, act with more awareness, and reduce anxiety. The same area of the brain impacted by meditation is the “command center” for the body’s immune system. Meditation is a critical part of any self-care routine, reduces stress, and improves overall well being. If you’re new to meditation or curious about meditation, check out the FitClub meditation class and get started.

Instead of sharing colds, the flu, and other illnesses with family members this holiday season, start a new tradition of great health. Ensuring that you make FitClub a part of your regular holiday schedule will keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy all holiday season.


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