5 Ways to Excuse Proof Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit!

Whether you’re new to FitClub or a lifelong member, January can be tough! With cold nights and dark days, sticking to your resolution even early in the year is challenging. FitClub has 5 ways you can excuse proof your workout and stick to your New Year’s Resolution this year.

  • Too many people give up on their New Year’s Resolution when they don’t see immediate progress on the scale. Staying patient and making slow, steady progress is the best way to lose weight and get fit. Learning to celebrate every accomplishment and sign of progress can hgym-1163319elp you through the days when you feel like your goal is out of reach. Instead of expecting an overnight miracle, consider celebrating milestones that have nothing to do with weight loss. Do you feel more energized or less stressed? Are you making healthier decisions throughout your day and sleeping better? Finding joy in every accomplishment makes it easier to get out of bed and into FitClub no matter what your scale says.
  • Draw from other members. During this time of year, FitClub may be a little more crowded than usual. Instead of letting that be a reason to skip your workout, try to find inspiration in the other members. Everyone on the treadmill, in the weight room and next to you in a class is working on a common goal. If you see someone working harder than you, copy their moves and their energy. If someone is using the exact weights that you had planned to use, ask to work in and maybe steal some tips or proper form while you’re working next to him or her. Let the crowded space remind you that we are all working on goals and you’re not alone!
  • Try something new. Don’t waste time on an exercise you hate. If you hate running on the treadmill, you’ll never find it motivating enough to leave your house when it’s cold. Instead, try a new group exercise class, learn to swim (yes, even in the winter!) or try out the weight room to build lean muscle mass. There are too many options available to let yourself get caught up in an exercise you just can’t make yourself do.
  • Know what’s on your plate. No matter how hard you’re working out and diligently making it into FitClub for your workouts, if you’re not watching what you’re eating, you may be setting yourself back. If you’re new to exercise, you may find that you have more of an appetite after a hard workout. Fill up on vegetables and fruit and make sure you’re eating the right amount of lean protein to achieve your goals.
  • Rest and recover. Hitting FitClub hard every day is great for some, but if you’re new to exercise, be sure to allow your body the time it needs to rest and recover. Planning at least one rest day each week is essential for your physical and mental health. Use that rest day to think of what you want to accomplish next week, prepare healthy meals, and take a relaxing walk or yoga class. Your body and mind will be far more motivated to get back the next day if you let it rest occasionally.

What’s your New Year’s resolution at FitClub?


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