Make Yourself and Your Workout a Priority in 2018

We’re already flying through the new year and you might have noticed that it’s hard to make yourself a priority. It’s often our workouts that are eliminated when we have work, social, or family obligations demanding more and more of our time. Instead of fitting in time for yourself and your healthy goals, it’s easy to promise ourselves we’ll try harder tomorrow and rush off to that event we just can’t say “no” to. If you find that you sacrifice your workouts in order to meet the demands of others, you aren’t only pushing yourself further from your goals, you could be derailing your healthy lifestyle and putting your health and sanity at risk.Unknown

  • Be flexible in your methods and rigid in your goals. FitClub’s group exercise class schedule makes it almost always possible to find a class in a time slot that does work for you. If you find that late night work meetings are keeping you from your favorite evening class, don’t just give up on the promise of a workout. Instead, look at the class schedule and see if you can get in a great cardio class before work, during lunch, or maybe even at a FitClub location you don’t normally try. You can stay firm with your commitment to exercise, while still being flexible on location, time, and type of workout.
  • Give yourself the time that you can. There are some days when an hour long workout really may be impossible and no amount of effort can get you out of an obligation. On those days, fit in just a twenty to thirty minute high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout, either at FitClub on your own or in one of FitClub’s classes designed for HIIT that prioritizes maximum effort in smaller amounts of time. Not only do you still get the full body benefit of a great workout, but you stay consistent with your exercise routine and excuse proof your resolution.
  • Be honest with your family and friends. If you’ve made a commitment to yourself and for yourself to get healthier this year, don’t hide it from the ones that want to spend time with you. Sometimes simply explaining that you’re focused on improving your health so you will be the healthiest, happiest, strongest version of yourself, will help others understand why you need a certain amount of time to yourself each day.
  • Excuse proof your life with a morning workout. If you have a full day and night, can you wake up just thirty minutes earlier in the morning to give yourself the time you need to workout? FitClub isn’t only open and waiting for you to show up and put in the work, but FitClub also has early morning classes that make it easier to increase the energy before the sun rises. An early morning workout means nothing that pops up during the day can derail your promise to yourself.
  • Consider your workout self care. Self care is essential for your best health. Sometimes it means saying “no” to other commitments or opportunities. Schedule time at FitClub the same way you would schedule a night out with friends or meetings with colleagues. Ensuring that you keep your commitment to yourself, opens up space in your mind to give your best self to the ones you love.

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