The Wonderful Feeling of the Fresh Start

Americans tend to make a lot of New Year’s Resolutions every New Year’s Eve. For most, though, that resolution is fading by mid-January and forgotten altogether by early February. Why do we have to wait for a holiday that only comes once each year to get the benefit of a fresh start? Why can’t we get that “new year feeling” any time we feel like we need to hit the reset button on our healthy lifestyle?if-you-dont-write-down-your-goals-youre-less-likely-to-reach-them-54306412_xxl

If you’ve fallen behind on your healthy eating plan or fitness routine, FitClub has four easy ways to hit reset and get that fresh start feeling without waiting for a special occasion.

  • Start now. Right now, no matter where you are in your day, if you feel like you’ve slipped and have been eating unhealthy foods and skipping workouts start fresh. Whenever you start thinking about your next meal, consider it a new start. What you had for breakfast shouldn’t be a reason to hold you back from a healthy lunch. If you’ve missed a few workouts, today is the day that you start again. Every minute can have that New Year’s feeling without waiting for a special countdown or exciting holiday.
  • Let go of guilt. Beating yourself up doesn’t lead to better to health; in fact, it can contribute to more procrastination and lethargy. Instead, use that feeling productively and make a note in your journal, calorie tracking app, or your training plan and write out how you feel when you skip workouts or eat unhealthy foods. Chances are, you may feel disappointed, tired, and unhealthy. Get it out in writing and refer back to that when you face a temptation in the future. Once it’s out, let it go and get ready to make healthier decisions right away.
  • Take a look at your plan. Was it just a minor slip or is there something that doesn’t work for you in your training plan or healthy eating plan? Is it too strict, not leaving you the room you need for a small indulgence or a night out? Do you still have the motivation to start a running or lifting routine, or might you find more enjoyment in taking group classes, trying a new workout, or working with a personal trainer? It’s okay to change your mind and mix it up. If it’s the plan you made for yourself, allow yourself the flexibility to start again.
  • Is it a lack of discipline that’s led you down the wrong path? It happens. Discipline is a difficult muscle to train, but the more consistent you are, the stronger that muscle gets. Schedule time with yourself and realize that it gets easier and healthy living becomes a habit when you stick to it.

If your New Year’s Resolutions already seem like a distant memory, start today and make a new resolution. Start with your next meal, your next workout, your next good night’s sleep and make everyday a fresh start.


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