What’s the Best Way to Shrink Your Belly?

For many people, reducing belly fat is more than just a goal for swimsuit season, but also a significant health goal that will reduce the potential for dangerous medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Even though shrinking your belly fat can be frustrating and difficult, it’s not impossible.90350074_7a549658-5f8f-47e9-bcf2-92413c1679e7

A quick internet search for ways to reduce belly fat provided more than four million results—a telling sign that this is a major concern for too many people. If you’ve been trying to shrink your belly fat without success, try one of FitClub’s tips below.

  • Break up with sugar. It’s the most common fitness and health advice available today, but that’s because there are scientifically proven reasons to begin breaking up with sugar. Your liver can only process a small amount of sugar, with the remaining sugar being turned directly into fat. The sugar that your body stores as fat accumulates in the belly leading to health conditions and insulin resistance. Remember, too, that sugar doesn’t only hide in the packaged foods we buy at the grocery store, but also in sweetened beverages. If you’re already tracking calories, keep an eye on how much sugar you eat and drink everyday and begin to try to reduce that number each day. Eliminating sugar is difficult, but every small step you take to reduce the amount of sugar you consume is worthwhile.
  • Move more. Belly fat isn’t reduced by doing endless crunches or sit ups, but it is reduced by adding more cardiovascular training to your workout regimen. Fortunately, everything you could ever need to add more cardio to your training is available at FitClub. Not sure where to get started or concerned that you might not be pushing yourself hard enough to see results? Try a group exercise class to experience different forms of cardiovascular exercise and push yourself in the group atmosphere.
  • Add more protein to your plate. Protein has a unique effect in determining our body’s response to insulin and can counteract insulin’s ability to store unused energy as belly fat. If you find it difficult to add protein to your daily diet, try adding a scoop of protein powder to your favorite smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal. It’s convenient, easy and effective.
  • Reduce stress. Stress is a natural, recurring part of life. It can also make us pack on pounds of belly fat via the stress hormone, cortisol, if not properly dealt with. If worry and stress are dominant forces in your life, try adding yoga or meditation to your schedule. FitClub has both yoga and meditation available in the group exercise class schedule if you’re looking for a way to get started in a supportive atmosphere.

The battle for good health begins and ends in the belly. From the food we take in to the calories we burn, the center of our bodies is truly the center of the health universe. If you’re struggling with belly fat, you are not alone. By following the advice above and staying consistent, we can make our bellies, and ourselves, healthier everyday.


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