5 Ways to Build a Better Breakfast

It’s been called the most important meal of the day, but for most of us it’s a quick, convenient bite before we rush out the door to start our days. It can hardly be called a meal if your breakfast is lacking in nutrients and designed to just delay the hunger from setting in. Fortunately, FitClub has five easy ways everyone can build a better breakfast and see faster, healthier results.perfectportion-avocadotoast

  • Add veggies. While vegetables are often overlooked when we think about breakfast, some vegetables are quick, convenient, and nutrient-packed options that can give you energy to start your day. A handful of spinach can be easily added to a protein smoothie or scrambled eggs without any additional time or effort. Vegetables can also be added to omelets or toast (i.e. avocado toast) to start your day with vitamins and nutrients that will keep you full until lunch.
  • Drink up. Many of us wake up already dehydrated, especially during the dry winter months. Starting your day with a glass of water not only rehydrates your body, but can leave you feeling instantly more energized. A glass of water either prior to or with your breakfast, also helps you combat constipation ensuring a far better start to your workday.
  • Add fruit. Adding a serving of fruit to your breakfast sets you up for success all day. Current nutrition guidelines suggest that you need five servings of fruit each day for a healthy diet. Starting your morning with a banana or fresh fruit of your choice is a good way to make sure you get through your five servings. Fruit alone might not be enough to fill you up. Try adding low-fat Greek yogurt to your fruit to fill you up and power through the morning hours without feeling hungry too early.
  • Plan ahead. If mornings are a frazzled time for you or your family, try spending just a couple of minutes in the evenings planning next morning’s breakfast. There are many options that you can prepare or lay out ahead of time to save yourself precious minutes before your workday begins. Vegetables and fruit can be washed and cut and smoothies can even be made up and kept in the freezer overnight for easy blending in the morning hours. With only minimal prep, your healthy breakfast can be as efficient as the nutrient-free packaged foods you can find at the grocery store.
  • Know your portion sizes. No matter how hungry you might be when you wake up, nothing kills your plans for the day like overeating at breakfast. Adding vegetables and fruit to your breakfast plate is a good way to fill up on natural energy sources and fiber and avoid the overindulgence in meat or grease at breakfast. A heavy, grease-laden or frozen carbohydrate bomb will only leave you feeling more sluggish and in need of a mid-morning nap.

Do you have a go-to power breakfast you rely on to keep you full, energized and away from the vending machines?


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