Take Back Sunday! 5 Easy Ways to Use Your Sunday to Set Up a Healthier Week

If sleeping in on Sundays until the pre-Monday anxiety starts to kick in leaves you feeling drained before your Monday morning even properly begins, it’s time to take back your Sundays. You don’t have to give up the precious self-care and rest that Sunday allows. With just a few simple shifts, you can maximize your time and start the week feeling better than ever.istock_workout2

  • Keep your social life and your workout. Grab a friend and make your weekly Sunday brunch date a FitClub workout. Chatting with a friend while on side-by-side ellipticals, stationary bikes, or treadmills can make the miles and minutes fly by while you keep your social life on track. You might find that sharing a workout with a friend also pushes you out of your comfort zone. If your friend is into a workout that you haven’t tried, use the opportunity to check out a new class. Maybe yoga or strength-training is your undiscovered passion!
  • Do chores and errands more mindfully. Sometimes dreaded chores like laundry and grocery shopping absolutely have to be done on Sundays. If that’s a regular problem for you, try asking yourself why this activity is important and how it’s going to help you achieve your goals for the week. Knowing your purpose can help you stay focused and mindful and feel like you’re making progress on your goals, even while you run errands. How does a trip to the grocery store advance your goals? Filling up your cart and fridge with healthy produce and lean protein is one step towards a healthier lifestyle. Even laundry has a purpose. You can’t get your Monday morning workouts done if your favorite workout clothes aren’t clean, dry, and waiting for you.
  • Review last week and determine what went right and what could have gone better. Don’t beat yourself up when you look back on last week. Instead, applaud yourself for what went well and make a plan to improve areas that suffered. Did you skip a few workouts or fall back on fast food? You can’t undo those mistakes, but you can learn from each set back. Was it because you didn’t have healthy food on hand or had trouble sleeping before your morning workout? Sunday is really the New Year’s Eve of each week. There’s no better time than Sunday to make a plan for starting fresh.
  • Meditate to start the week with a clear mind. Once you’ve taken time to reflect and prepare, spend a few minutes meditating to ensure that your Monday starts with a clear, refreshed mind. If you’re new to meditating or curious about the process, FitClub has a meditation class that can get you started.
  • Plan your sleep before bedtime. It might feel good to curl up in bed mid-Sunday afternoon and take a well-earned nap, but it might seriously derail your pre-work week sleep. Instead, make a plan for how you are going to prep your body and mind for bed (time in the FitClub hot tub or sauna, a warm bath, a meditation) and stick to it. Instead of a nap, spend time outdoors to refresh or enjoy a cup of tea with a favorite book.

What’s your favorite way to spend Sunday at FitClub?


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