In a Slump? 5 Ways to Reboot Your Workout and Recharge Your Fitness

No matter how long you’ve been exercising and living a healthier lifestyle, falling into a workout slump happens to all of us.  Maybe you’re bored with your workout, or maybe you took a short break that became longer than intended.  For some of us, a few lackluster workouts in a row can be enough to send us into a workout slump.  Before you ditch your workout clothes and give up, try FitClub’s 5 ways to reboot your workout and recharge your fitness.Getting fit and having fun

  • Try something entirely different. You don’t have to stick with a workout just because it’s worked in the past. In fact, if you’re normally tied to the same cardio machine or routine, your problem might be far more mental than physical.  Your muscles can get bored too, and bored muscles may be the reason you’re not seeing weight loss or increased strength.  Instead of giving up your healthy lifestyle, throw yourself into something completely different.  Check out FitClub’s variety of group exercise classes and get out of your comfort zone with Zumba, Yoga, CycleFit, or another workout that piques your interest.
  • Look for signs of improved fitness. Fitness gains aren’t limited to what happens during your workout.  Even if you feel like your go-to workout has stopped working for you, look for other areas of your life where you have more energy or more endurance. Can you play with your kids longer without losing your breath or tiring out?  Are you sleeping better or experiencing more energy throughout your workday?  If you can see signs in other areas of your life where you do feel stronger and more confident, your workout is working.  You may just need to look for different ways to measure progress.
  • Hire a personal trainer. No matter how motivated any one of us may be, there will always come a point when we aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough.  Check in with a personal trainer at FitClub that can help you expand beyond your self-imposed limitations in a healthy, injury-free way.  Personal trainers can help you reevaluate your workout and your goals and help you look for progress that you may be missing on your own.
  • Set a new goal. Losing weight is an admirable goal and one shared by many of your FitClub friends. It can, however, be a tough goal to master on its own.  If your sole source of inspiration and progress lies in the numbers on the scale, you might need to add another goal to get you through tough workouts or hard decisions.  Your weight fluctuates even during the course of a day, making it far too easy to get down on yourself when you don’t see any change from week to week.

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