Tired of Starting Over? Why Quitting Happens and What to Do Instead

January 1stis now just a long, forgotten day that we all made promises to ourselves.  Maybe you promised you’d train to achieve a goal, achieve a healthy weight, or just start adding FitClub to your day.  By now, most of us have stumbled or given up on our goals, maybe even several times. If you’re tired of finding yourself starting over, first you have to understand why you quit chasing your goals to begin with.5ae091d7bd967121008b4646-960-720

Why quitting happens.

  • Your schedule is unmanageable. Like all other areas of your life, your fitness routine and healthy meal prep is subject to the occasional emergency or particularly busy week.  Unfortunately, taking time to improve our health is often the first task on our to do lists to be eliminated as we search for more hours in the day to work, be with family or friends, and rest.  One day of skipping your workout because of an unforeseen crisis soon becomes a week, then a month, and you find yourself unable to remember the last time you slipped into your workout clothes and broke a sweat.

The fix: Life happens and no matter how busy our schedules, we still only have twenty-four hours each day. Look through your calendar over the last several weeks. Can you find time that you could have better spent at FitClub or preparing a healthy meal?  Look at your calendar with the same exacting eye for detail that you might look at your budget if you were to cut your spending. Most of us have unused or wasted time during the day that could add up to a significant workout. Taking care of yourself and improving your health should be priorities that you make time to do. Instead of being subject to the whim of your work schedule, excuse-proof your workout by waking an hour earlier each morning.  FitClub’s early morning group exercise classes, twenty-four hour access, and convenient locations make morning workouts possible even for those of us that struggle in the mornings.

  • You’re only accountable to yourself. No matter how healthy your support system is, ultimately our health and fitness goals are incredibly personal and we are only accountable to ourselves. When no one’s around to monitor your exercise and diet, how often do you hit the drive through, skip a workout, or skimp on self care to take an easier path?  For most of us, without anyone looking over our shoulder while we eat or snooze in front of the television, it becomes all too easy to procrastinate on things that matter most.

The fix: Even if the results are personal, you don’t have to go it alone. If being accountable to no one but yourself makes it hard for you to stay on track, consider hiring a personal trainer at FitClub.  A personal trainer can keep you committed to a schedule, a goal, and give you feedback on whether you’re progressing as planned.  Making the commitment with someone other than yourself, including a professional, significantly increases your odds of sticking with your goal.


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