Excuse Proof Your Summer Schedule and Make Your Workouts Count

Summer seems to fly by as our social calendars fill up with late nights and summer vacations. Instead of giving up your health and fitness goals just because your calendar is starting to fill up, excuse proof your summer with FitClub’s tips to get your workout in no matter what else is going on in your life.20160616144523-good-night-sleep-morning-routine-wake-up-stretching-relaxation

  1. Become a morning person. It’s not easy to train yourself to wake up earlier for a workout, but it is worth it!  Setting your alarm an hour earlier to make it to FitClub for a group exercise class eliminates any chance that after-work plans will derail your commitment to living your healthiest life.  Knowing your workout is done before your day even begins, is hugely freeing and frees up your summer evenings for time with family and friends.
  2. Pack your snacks. Taking a road trip or a vacation often means tempting fast food and junk food stops along the way.  This year, though, you can take the time to plan ahead and pack pre-cut vegetables and fruit, protein bars, and plenty of cold water to keep you healthy and happy while you enjoy your summer.
  3. Get healthier during your lunch hour. FitClub has group exercise classes throughout the day and night.  Instead of eating another lunch at your desk, this summer, use your lunch break to conquer your workout.  Not only will you be able to ensure that your workout fits in your schedule, but you’ll come back to the office more energized and creative than when you left.
  4. Make a commitment. If you’re meeting a friend at FitClub, you’re likely to keep your plans no matter how busy life gets.  Instead of setting up happy hours after work, make a date to meet a friend at Zumba, CycleFit or your favorite FitClub class every week.  You can multi-task by enjoying time with friends or family while you work to improve your health.
  5. Remember why you started. Before you sleep in or skip a lunch time workout class, remember why you started working out.  No matter where you are in your healthy lifestyle journey, it was probably difficult to get started.  Instead of falling behind and starting over this summer, make a commitment to finish this summer in the best shape of your life.
  6. Redefine your goal. If you’ve been exercising to see a smaller number on the scale, summer may be a good time to reframe that goal.  Instead of worrying about a number, pay attention to how you feel throughout your day.  After a FitClub workout, do you feel energized and have more endurance to chase your kids or enjoy your friends?  Do you feel stronger and more confident when you hit the pool on the weekends? Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are about far more than just the number on the scale.

How do you make time for your workout when summer sets in?  Leave your tips and tricks in the comments for other FitClub members!


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