5 Reasons To Try FitClub’s Body Pump Class Immediately

Whether you’re new to FitClub or an experienced FitClub regular, FitClub’s Body Pump class might revolutionize the way you approach strength workouts.  Worried about stepping out of the cardio room and into a radically different group exercise experience?  Don’t be.  FitClub has five reasons you must try the Body Pump class immediately.london_bodypump_bicepcurl_-199

  1. Your body needs a change. If you’re loyal to your cardio workout, your body is missing out on the benefits that come from strength training.  Weight loss and fitness plateaus happen when our bodies acclimate to the routine we repeatedly practice.  Cardio is important for burning calories and improving your cardiovascular system’s health, but strength training is imperative for building lean muscle mass that burns more calories and improves your bone density. If you’re not balancing your workouts with adequate strength training, your body is missing out on a key element of a healthy fitness routine.
  2. Form, form, form. Even if you regularly lift weights, a Body Pump class with an instructor that stresses proper form can correct any problems with your form. Proper form is essential for avoiding injury and muscle imbalances.  Having an instructor that can correct your form in real time and call out cues when the class needs simple reminders is the key to getting the most out of your strength training workout.
  3. The regulars are a great support network. When you walk into your first Body Pump class, let someone know you’re new to the class.  You will be amazed at how quickly the experienced members jump in to help you set up your space and make recommendations and provide feedback as you go. If you’re worried about walking into a new class for the first time, let the Body Pump regulars impress you with their eagerness to make you comfortable and part of the team.  Be prepared for encouragement to come back even after your first class is over!
  4. The class is intensely personal. Don’t let your fear of whether you’re in good enough shape to participate in a Body Pump class hold you back.  Everyone is choosing their own weights for each class. You’ll be far too busy watching your form, listening to the instructor, and breaking a sweat to notice what anyone else is lifting.  Regulars to the class come from all different workout backgrounds, weight lifting experience, age and body type, but everyone shares one common goal—to make themselves stronger.
  5. The group atmosphere pushes you to go harder. If you’ve ever allowed yourself to quit on your workout when it starts to feel difficult, you’ll be surprised at how much more you might be capable of in a group exercise class like Body Pump. The hour files by, even when the reps are difficult, and you’ll feel compelled to want to stay engaged and keep up with the music and the beat of the class.  You won’t be bored, you won’t want to quit, and you’ll already be planning your next class.

Before you waste another day not knowing what your workout will be when you walk through the doors of FitClub, make it a priority to get to Body Pump.  FitClub’s schedule makes it easy to find a class that’s convenient to your schedule.  Let your fellow members know what you think about Body Pump in the comments!


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