Five Reasons Your Summer Workouts Should Really Be Inside This Summer

Summer’s longer days and warmer temperatures may tempt you to take your workout outside, but before you do, there are plenty of things to consider.  Before your healthy intentions do more harm than good, read FitClub’s list of reasons it’s better to workout inside than in the heat!golpe_de_calor_600

  • No control over weather conditions. Trying to plan an outdoor workout in a central Illinois summer is a gamble.  You can’t predict pop up thunderstorms or excessive heat and humidity.  Rapidly changing weather conditions generally result in making excuses to skip your workout.  Instead of trying to schedule your workout around unpredictable weather patterns that are entirely out of your control, treat your workout like a priority and schedule it at FitClub where the schedule and the temperature are always stable.
  • Heat exhaustion, dehydration. We’ve experienced a hotter than usual summer already.  Even if you try to get outdoors for a workout in the early morning hours to beat the heat, you’ll experience the unfortunate humidity that swamps Springfield this time of year.  Humidity is highest in the morning, and can be just as damaging to your health and workout as the heat.  Humidity prevents sweat from naturally evaporating, causing your body to have difficulty regulating its internal temperature.  Heat exhaustion and dehydration are common among outdoor fitness enthusiasts this time of year.  To avoid dangerous conditions and have plenty of access to air conditioning and water while you sweat, opt for FitClub workouts.
  • Group exercise classes. There’s a benefit to regularly scheduling group exercise classes at FitClub. People that workout in a group generally do so with more intensity and motivation than those that workout alone.  Solo workouts are also far easier to skip because you don’t have others keeping you accountable.  Take advantage of the summer classes at FitClub to ensure you reach your potential this summer.
  • Trainers and instructors. Whether you’re new to exercise or trying something new, there’s no outdoor substitute for FitClub’s staff of trainers and group instructors.  Professionals onsite can help you with form or lead you through a safe and effective workout with proper cues and intensity for your fitness level.  Working with a trainer or under the watchful eye of a group instructor also holds you accountable and prevents you from skipping out early or giving up on a tough challenge.
  • Skin damage. A sunburn is caused by UV damage to your skin.  The sun produces UV rays even on cloudy days when you can’t see the sun or the temperature isn’t particularly high.  Any amount of sun damage can lead to skin cancer; the leading type of cancer in the United States.  Whether you intend to work out for an hour or twenty minutes, you can either lather up with sunscreen or head indoors at FitClub to keep your skin and your body safe.

What’s your reason for heading indoors for a workout?


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