Trying to Cut Down on the Calories You Drink? FitClub’s Guide to Staying Hydrated the Healthy Way

You already know that water is the best, most convenient, and healthiest way to hydrate your body throughout the day.  You also know that soft drinks, sugary fruit juices, and calorie bombs disguised as fancy coffee are the unhealthiest drinks available.  If you’re looking for healthy options in addition to water, read FitClub’s tips below to stay hydrated without the unhealthy calories and sugar crash.

  1. Flavor your water naturally. Does your afternoon hydration break just need a flavor boost?  Before you opt for sugary, processed additives, try just adding citrus, herbs or berries to your regular dose of H20.  Lemons, limes, oranges, mint, or strawberries all add flavor to water without added chemicals or sugar.  Especially during the remaining warm weeks ahead, adding fruit to your water can be the pick me up you need all day long.img_2667
  2. Fruit smoothie. A fruit smoothie sounds like a perfectly healthy way to rehydrate, and it can be if you do it right.  This option doesn’t count as a calorie-free alternative to plain water, but if you substitute it for a meal or snack, you can hydrate while satisfying your hunger cravings with natural, healthy foods.  To cut back on the calories in your favorite smoothie recipe, opt for skim milk and half a banana.  Being mindful of your serving sizes in the recipe will help you stay fit and enjoy a healthy snack that also rehydrates your body.
  3. Green tea. If you need a caffeine pick me up in the afternoon, opting for green tea instead of coffee or soft drinks will perk you up and deliver health benefits. Green tea has less caffeine than other options so you can avoid the caffeine crash of coffee while you also enjoy the antioxidant benefits which help protect your body against cancer. Scientists believe that green tea may also reduce your risk of heart diseaseby relaxing blood vessels.
  4. Tomato juice. Tomato juice also contains antioxidants like lycopene, which may reduce the risk of certain cancers.  With less sugar than other processed fruit juices, tomato juice has only approximately thirty-one calories in six ounces of juice.
  5. Fresh squeezed orange juice. If you’re craving orange juice and in need of its amazing Vitamin C benefits, squeeze orange juice at home for a healthier option without the added sugar you’ll find in store brands.  Although it’s time consuming and more expensive to make fresh squeezed orange juice at home, the pure flavor and health benefits are worth it. Be mindful of making this your all-day drink, though, because unlike water, it tips in at 115 calories per eight ounce serving.

While water is best for sugar-free hydration, the list above may add a little spark to your daily routine without causing unwanted weight gain or inevitable sugar crashes.  What’s your drink of choice during the day?


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