Traveling for Work? Keep Your Health and Wellness on Track While You’re Away

Eating right and prioritizing your health and fitness while you travel is difficult, especially if you travel frequently for work. Even on those days that you have to be away from your regular FitClub workout, FitClub has your best interests in mind and a handy list of reminders to prioritize your health while you’re away.252510_3

  • Balance is key. Every airport, hotel, and new city has it’s temptations of unhealthy food.  Finding balance is the key to enjoying a new location while you maintain your health and fitness.  The same fast food restaurant you pass after work on your way to FitClub is not a reason to cheat on your healthy meal plan.  Most restaurants have grilled chicken, healthy salads (with dressing on the side), and low calorie options.  Instead of indulging on the same junk you resist while you’re at home, save your indulgence for a city’s delicacy.  Whether it’s sushi on the West Coast or a slice of pizza in Chicago, make your one cheat meal worth it!
  • Stay on your schedule. Even though we know you hate missing your favorite FitClub group exercise class or sweat session with your personal trainer, staying on your schedule as much as possible is the key for maintaining your health and fitness while you’re gone.  If you normally workout before you start your workday, set your alarm clock and make your way to the hotel fitness center to start your day with the healthy habit you worked hard to create.  Trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time also ensures that your body clock stays consistent and helps you resume your FitClub workouts as soon as you return home.
  • Water, water, water. Work conferences and hotels are full of vending machines with sugary teas, coffees, and soft drinks.  Don’t let your hydration or your waist line suffer by overconsuming these handy, but deceptively unhealthy beverages.  Traveling with your favorite water thermos is an easy way to remember to fill up and drink water throughout the day.  Maintaining your hydration levels is also a great way to beat jet lag!
  • Portion control matters. Traveling for any length of time means that you’ll have to dine out frequently.  The average restraurant serving size is two to three times the recommended serving size and likely far more than you would serve yourself at home.  Cut your meal in half, mentally or physically, as soon as it arrives. Taking healthy options with you in your suitcase will also nix that urge to rush to a vending machine or order dessert from room service once back in the hotel.
  • Get out and see the city. Despite your early morning workout, regular bedtime schedule, and a full day of work, you might be able to sneak in a brisk walk or running tour of the city.  Check with your hotel’s front desk and ask whether it’s safe to walk certain parts of the new city alone. Some cities even offer free walking tours so you can get your steps in while you take in a few sights!

The most important tip of all, though, is to get home to FitClub as soon as you can!  No matter how you feel about traveling for work, your friends and community at FitClub can’t wait for you to return!


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