What Can You Do in Thirty Days?

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through social media or pass a magazine without seeing a “30 day challenge” guaranteed to get you the best body possible. Is it possible?  Can you really transform your body in only thirty days? What about just one body part? Can you get 6-pack abs in thirty days? If you started working on a fitness goal today and stayed consistent and dedicated for an entire thirty days, what could you realistically accomplish?gym-workout-women-shutterstock_84970741

Unfortunately, the short answer is no, you can’t get the perfect anything in 30 days. If you want to do a thirty day challenge, though, there are some important things you can accomplish.

  • You can start a habit. Thirty days of consistent exercise will help you create the lifelong habit that you need to build lasting, permanent results and a healthier lifestyle.  By making time to commit to a workout for thirty days, you’ve created a pattern in your life and learned how to prioritize that workout over other demands that pop up during the day.  Thirty days is enough time to figure out what time of day works best to avoid distractions and focus on your health.
  • You can see positive results. You may not uncover a six-pack stomach, but you will start to notice your energy levels improving, your mood more positive and better quality sleep.  While real fitness takes longer to develop, the immediate impact will be to your mental health.
  • You can get smarter in thirty days. In thirty days at FitClub, you can learn a lot about yourself and your body. You can work with a personal trainer to learn how to set reasonable, achievable goals.  You can try a variety of new classes, learn a new skill, or fall in love with a workout you never thought to try.  Consistently checking into FitClub can uncover far more information than any glossy, celebrity magazine can promise.
  • You can start to see your body differently. Do you really know what’s inside your body?  FitClub’s In-Body System can help you better understand your body’s composition, including fat to muscle ratios.  Knowing your body’s composition can tell you far more than your household scale and help you craft a plan with a personal trainer.
  • You can change the way you think about food. Crafting a thirty day workout challenge should also include a challenge to clean up your diet.  By adding more fruits and vegetables, limiting sugar and processed junk food, you can reduce water weight bloat and create healthy habits.  The immediate benefits to your physical and mental health will make it easier to stick with a healthy diet after your own thirty day challenge.

While thirty days may not radically transform your body, building your own thirty day challenge to workout at FitClub every day might begin a lifelong, radical transformation of your mental and physical health.  With enough classes to keep you guessing and motivated with convenient hours and locations, skip the magazine or social media fad and build your own thirty day challenge at FitClub.


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