Four Reasons Working Out at FitClub Beats Working Out at Home Every Time

Fancy exercise apps for your phone, workout videos, and on-demand fitness classes may seem like a great idea, but for a consistent, durable healthy lifestyle, FitClub beats out any workout you say you’ll do at home.  FitClub has five reasons why at home workouts just don’t work out.IMG_8662

  • Distractions abound. If you’ve tried to work out at home, you have probably already experienced distractions that prevented you from finishing (or even starting) your workout.  From the load of laundry mocking you in the corner to your family interrupting with needs and demands, working out at home is often unachieveable.  How can you mentally focus on your workout when your mind is busy detailing the chores or family activities you’re not doing at that moment?  Viewing FitClub as your oasis to focus on nothing but your fitness is the key to making sure every workout is finished.
  • Analysis Paralysis. Maybe you decide that you’ll have a nice workout with one of millions of YouTube workout videos in your living room.  Analysis paralysis “is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.” Analysis paralysis occurs when there are far too many options to choose from, resulting in laying on the couch flipping through your options instead of choosing one and making a commitment.  Instead of suffering from analysis paralysis, why not check out one of FitClub’s group exercise classes that fit your schedule and allow for variety without channel surfing.
  • Risk of injury increases when you try to workout at home. No matter how many times the television instructor tells you how to correct your form, she’s not in the room with you.  Working out with a personal trainer or experienced FitClub group exercise class instructor can minimize your risk of injuring yourself because your form is incorrect. A hands on instructor that can see you and correct your posture or form is the best way to minimize aches, pains, and more serious injuries.
  • Group exercise classes improve your results. Perhaps the most important benefit of exercise you won’t find at home in your living room is the benefit that comes from sharing the experience with others.  In a report published in the 2005 Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants, experts recommended people work out with a partner or group to improve consistency and accountability.  Even if you find yourself working out at your own pace like in a CycleFit class, sharing the adrenaline and experience with a room full of people with shared goals and commitments can increase the mental and physical benefits of exercise.  Knowing that there are others waiting for you is a huge motivator to stay consistent, show up and keep working on your goals.

FitClub members, tell us why you prefer working out at FitClub in the comments!


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