Is a Daily Routine the Missing Piece of Your Fitness Journey?

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey at FitClub or you’ve been trying to hit your fitness goals for years, creating or revamping your daily routine might be the juggernaut you need to find success this year.  A routine that you can rely on from day to day can help you manage the anxiety that comes with modern day life.  You might also find it’s the key to eliminating your excuses and finally prioritizing your mental and physical health.making-daily-notes-886482572-5ada1c8dba617700366d75c8

Why routines improve your health.

While some people thrive on impulsive days and ever-changing schedules, most people maintain better health with a practical routine.  Picture yourself on a busy day.  Do you feel directionless?  Are you tempted to hit the closest drive-thru?  Is your office, home, car, or life a mess?  No one benefits when life feels chaotic. Experts at Northwestern Medicinehave linked the lack of a daily routine to a host of health problems, including poor sleep quality or lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and weight gain. It’s no surprise that without an effective daily routine, healthy eating goals and workouts are often missed. Proper health and improved physical fitness requires a degree of advanced planning.  Without a routine, you might find yourself constantly playing catch up.

How to create a routine that works.

Taking a long look at how you use your time can be daunting.  The payoff, though, is better mental and physical health and will likely save you more time than you might think.  FitClub has a few helpful hints that can simplify the process of creating a routine that works best for you.

  • Be honest about what you have to do each day. What absolutely has to be accomplished in your day? Writing down everything that has to be done each day can help you eliminate unnecessary tasks or better plan for those tasks that seem to take too much time each day.
  • Fit the essential tasks into a schedule that works for you. Are you naturally more energetic in the mornings? Use that to your advantage by scheduling a morning workout and optimizing your brain power by conquering intellectual tasks early.  By contrast, if you’re a night owl, it might make sense for you to use those quiet midnight hours to take advantage of a late night workout, prepare meals for the next day, or lay out your clothes to minimize the time it takes to get out the door in the morning.
  • Be flexible and keep trying. A routine should make you feel better, not worse.  If you find that the timing or flow of your routine makes your life feel more chaotic than settled, keep adjusting the schedule or your list of tasks until you find a twenty-four flow that works best for you and your family. Leaving yourself a cushion to ensure you have time for the things that make you happy or minimize your stress, deserve a place in your routine as well.  The right routine for you should feel balanced and productive.  Keep trying until you find that perfect schedule that eliminates the unnecessary rush of life.

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