Five Ways to Get Through Your Workout When Your Motivation Starts to Shrink

It’s cold outside and the thrill of your New Year’s Resolution may be starting to lessen with each passing day of 2019. Before you throw in the towel and give up, FitClub has five easy ways to motivate yourself to power through a workout, even when you don’t have the

  • Use the 15 minute rule. Maybe it’s not the workout that’s making you think about staying inside, but rather, the idea of a long, grueling workout.  If that is the case, promise yourself that you’ll workout for just fifteen minutes. At the end of that fifteen minutes if you’re still not motivated to finish your workout—however long that might be—you’re free to call it quits and head for home.  After fifteen minutes, though, you’ll likely find yourself enjoying the endorphins and sweat and will likely make it through whatever challenges you’ve set for yourself that day.
  • Mix it up. No matter what your fitness goals might be, variety is the key to keeping your body and brain guessing, improving, and growing stronger.  If the idea of another run on the treadmill has you second guessing whether to work out, check out one of FitClub’s group exercise classes and add variety to your routine while you continue to chase your fitness goals.
  • Write it out. Simply writing out goals and plans to achieve those goals can be a motivation to start and continue exercising.  You might also consider starting a workout journal that describes your workout, how you felt, how long you worked out or the number of reps you were able to do. Looking back on your progress over the weeks can be motivating and inspire you to keep striving for even better results.
  • Plan a reward. Your reward for making it to FitClub is, of course, a long, healthy life.  Somedays, that long-term reward might seem too far away to motivate you through the cold and into FitClub.  Instead, a small reward like listening to a new, motivating playlist while you lift weights or watching your favorite television show on the treadmill might work.
  • Make it a date. Instead of hitting happy hour or a restaurant with your friends after a long day, plan to meet at a Zumba class.  It’s far more difficult to skip a workout when you know that there are other people waiting for you and counting on you.  In return, you’ll be providing the same motivation for your friends.  Enjoying time together while working on healthier goals is a win-win situation!

What works for you when your motivation is low?


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