Easy Ways to Beat Insomnia and Get Better Quality Sleep

The unusual stress that we are all under right now can lead to sleepless or restless nights.  Even if you’ve been able to sleep well in the past, the sudden disruption to your normal schedule and concerns about COVID-19 may have you struggling to get consistent quality sleep at night.  Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is paramount to facing the unique challenges before us and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  FitClub has easy ways you can beat insomnia tonight and look forward to better sleep during this new challenge.12775238_bg1

  1. Be consistent!  Without the normal workweek and school week schedules we are accustomed to, the days may blend together, with little difference between afternoons and evenings.  Maintaining a consistent bedtime and wake up time each day can help set your circadian rhythm for better, more consistent sleep.  Your body functions best when it knows what to expect.  This is particularly true with regard to sleep.  Now more than ever, be sure to turn the television off at your normal bedtime and prepare or your body and mind for sleep.
  2. Avoid oversleeping.  When you’re exhausted, it may seem counter intuitive to limit the amount that you sleep, but according to the Sleep Foundation, oversleeping can lead to feeling groggy or unfocused throughout the day.  Whether you’re working from home, homeschooling your children, or just trying to maintain productivity each day, limiting your sleep to seven to nine hours each night may help.  Eliminating unnecessary naps during the day can also allow you to be tired enough to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily.
  3. Prioritize exercise.  For many people, the added anxieties and worries of this strange time inhibit high quality sleep. Not only can exercise burn-off extra energy in both children and adults, it can also alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Exercise may be the outlet you need right now to burn off stress and anxiety or even just to step away from the disturbing news of the moment.  Tune into FitClub’s workout app to find the exercise that you enjoy most.  Scheduling exercise into your day can also help you break up the sense of monotony caused by being at home so often day after day.
  4. Cut back on screen time.  Many of us turn to the distraction of our phones during times of boredom, anxiety, or stress.  You might have noticed your own screen time creeping up the last few weeks.  Phones, computers, and tablets, though release “blue light” which interferes with the body’s natural stores of melatonin and can make it more difficult for us to wind down at night to get the sleep that we need.  At least an hour before bedtime, try to turn off all devices.  You can create several no-technology routines that better allow your body and mind to turn towards sleep like taking a warm bath, reading a paper book, or meditating for a few minutes before you turn in at night.

How are you coping with the changes to your life during COVID-19?  Share your tips or worries with FitClub and your fellow FitClub members in the comments below!

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