Does a Weak Core Hold You Back?

Could your core strength use some work? You’re certainly not alone. Many people suffer from problems related to weak core muscles without realizing the cause. Here are common signs that a weak core may be limiting your potential, along with fixes anyone can incorporate today.posture-600-400

Day to Day Functional Fitness

Your core is integral in nearly everything you do throughout your day. When you pick up your child, twist in your chair, or pull a suitcase, your core engages to move your body through the motion. A weak core can contribute to poor posture, which can cause back pain, headaches, and even difficulty breathing. Simply put, a weak core may be limiting how your body copes with its day to day assignments. If you feel discomfort or experience difficulty with any of these routine day to day tasks, your core may need additional strength work.

Experts indicate that even your digestive system may be impacted by a weak core. Less-than-perfect posture caused by a weak core can cause constipation and heartburn. A report in the Harvard Health Publishing found that slouching throughout the day can pressure your stomach to send substances the wrong direction, like stomach acid towards the esophagus.

Are you motivated to plan your next core-work session yet?

Workout Performance

Even if your day to day activities feel easy and routine, your fitness performance may be suffering because of a weak core. If you feel that you’ve reached a fitness plateau or if it takes excessive effort to run, throw, jump, or lift weights the way you’d like, your core may be to blame. Your core is responsible for contracting the muscles involved in most exercise-related movements and stabilizing your spine and pelvis while you move your entire body. A weak core can hold you back from living your fittest life.

Adding additional core work to your FitClub routine can help, but so can engaging your core by consciously contracting those muscles as you move through your favorite activity. Whether you’re running, lifting, or swimming, staying mindful of whether your core is engaged can add strength and power to your entire workout.

Build a Stronger Core

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours on the floor doing sit-ups and crunches to build a better, stronger core. Adding common, equipment free exercises like planks, glute bridges, and balancing activities like yoga to your workout repertoire can build a stronger core and better abdominal muscles.

If you’re interested in learning more about core work and improving your total body range of motion, hiring a professional trainer can help! The professionals at FitClub know how to get your core in peak shape using innovative moves that can be done safely.

What’s your favorite core work exercise?

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